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When you hear about Scratch, do you automatically think of dart games and puzzles? This year, Scratch arrives with new board games for the little ones, in beautiful packaging.

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Find-a-fish Color

Matching game


3+ years / 2-4 players

Throw a colour combination with the 3 dice and try to find a fish in this colour combination.

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Search game

Bugs Buzz

This flower is crawling with insects. Roll the die, draw a card and find the right number of insects on the flower within the time provided. Don't let yourself be fooled, because some insects look very much alike! An entertaining picture hunt for all ages. Hours of fun play garanteed.

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Jeu Jungle Yam


Even non-readers can play this simplified version of world-famous dice game. These dice feature pictures of fun jungle animals. Roll the 5 dice to try and complete the challenges on your board. Be the first tp complete a row of cards and win the game. Go for a quick win with "yams": throwing the same animal 5 times means you win!


4 game boards

32 cards

5 dice

4+ years / 2-4 players


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Puzzle game Robobuilder


Build your own puzzle robot. Spin the shooting star on the spinning disk and be the first to collect all the parts.


3+ years / 2-4 players


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