Do you really know the Tangles?
''Stay seated and pay attention!''
Generations of children have been educated by hearing these words... 
On the contrary, sitting quietly often triggers an alternate visual and motor response that leads to looking for more interesting events in the classroom. For this reason, children appear distracted and restless.

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How Tangle can help ?

Tangles can be very helpful in helping them focus. How? 'Or' What? First, the shape, colors and textures of a Tangle provide visual and tactile stimulation. Second, by their mobile and fluid nature, Tangles encourage the learner to make hand movements that stimulate their senses while helping them relax.


Finally, Tangles help create better conditions for students sensitive to tactile and physical movements.


Why ? Because the brain has "muscle memory," memories of motor activities performed in a given order. So, when students are allowed to move while learning - for example, when they clap their hands while saying the syllables of a word - they are more likely to remember it, than if they were just supposed to read or memorize this information in isolation.


Handling a Tangle helps them stay motivated and focused, and improves their ability to pay attention.

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Tangle Classic - Pets assorted


Introducing the NEW Tangle Pets collection – a brand new style featuring six adorable animal themes: Kitty, Bunny, Puppy, Sloth, Unicorn, and Flamingo! These cuties are sure to delight Tangle fans everywhere!


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3+ years

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